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they say there's no poetry time anymore


Scrivo questa righe in Inglese
dedicandola a Bukowski
mi scuso per gli inevitabili errori
Ciao a tutti

Tribute to Hank

Well, they say
there's no poetry time anymore
'cause there is no mother land
for anyone here
we all just wandering nowhere
looking for good jobs, better life
sexier women, easy money
no taxes, no frustatrion
simply no trouble
don;t care about anything and anybody
who can cross the way
but Hank has been forgotten
they forget his spirit
they forget that even in a word of shit
despite of all the mistakes we do
despite the death of all the supposed rebellions
full of liars and misunderstandings
we are still human "fucking" beings
nobody can control without killing
and even when you die
be murdered or simply because your time is over
there is a secret hope, a dream
your face is gonna be like Hank's face
with those narrow couple of cracks
he used to cracking life
paying as less fee as possible.

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